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Integrity Is the Essence of Everything Successful

Integrity in the workplace is the most important quality for an organisations long time survival and existence in business. A culture of integrity is a prerequisite for a world-class business. That is why integrity should be the basic building block for doing successful business.

Integrated and Advanced Integrity Solution

Working alongside international organisations, academics and government institutions, BIG Program is the leading industry practices to build, develop and support competency-based integrity systems in organisations.

We provide an integrated and advanced solution to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

What is Integrity?

When we say “integrity”, we mean the following:

  • An individual has integrity if he/she is doing their work competently and honestly and completely.
  • A process has integrity if it works as it is intended to and fits seamlessly into the larger system of which it is a part.
  • An organisation has integrity if its work is done within proper accountability, competently, to completion and without diversion of output or resources to corrupt or dishonest ends.

Integrity Management Framework

The integrity management framework is a systemic and comprehensive approach that brings together instruments, processes and structures for fostering integrity and preventing corruption in organisations.

Our Integrity management framework aims at:

  • Preventing corruption: reducing integrity violations through mapping integrity-risks and installing counter measures
  • Promoting integrity through stimulating understanding, commitment and capacity for ethical decision making.
  • Combines both the rules-based and values-based approaches

Two Strategies for Integrity Management

Literature on integrity management distinguishes two types of management strategies:

  • Compliance based or Rule-driven
  • Versus value based or Principles-driven

A ‘Compliance Strategy’ tries to prevent violations of regulations and self-interested behavior by employees by imposing standards of conduct that are intended to compel acceptable behavior.

An ‘Integrity Strategy’ seeks to create conditions that support right action by communicating the values and vision of the organization, aligning the standards of employees with those of the organization, and relying on the whole management team, not just lawyers and compliance officers.

Our Practical Road Map Approach

Our effective integrity and compliance management program is process-driven. It consists of three core elements including; establishing, developing and consolidating the integrity standards of your organisation.